The Process

When you let us handle the construction of your building, we will put together a thorough plan and use all our resources to make your project a reality. In order to construct any type of building, we have developed an efficient process that can be applied to any project. Below are the steps we take every time we move forward.

1. Planning

planningThe first step in home construction is the planning stage. You may own some land or need to purchase a lot to build on. Whether you find a house print you like or just have design ideas, this is where your dreams, your property, and your budget meet. We'd love to work with you in planning layout and structural possibilities; it’s all about communication and collaboration. When you are completely satisfied with a computerized draft, it is time to print the blueprints.

2. Foundation

foundationThe quality of a homedepends largely on the quality of its foundation. We build upon structurally sound earth materials with properly sized reinforced concrete footings. BCI uses insulating forming blocks to build the foundation walls. This system allows for quick installation, reinforcement, leveling, and concrete placement. It also contributes to an energy-efficient home. The foundation wall is waterproofed, lined with exterior drain tile, and backfilled.

3. Framing

framingOne of the most exciting aspects of building is seeing your house take shape! Our framing crews have experience in conventional framing as well as in post and beam construction. Adherence to a high standard of energy efficiency, code compliance, and regular inspections ensure the reliability of what you won't be able to see behind the finished walls of your home.


4. Mechanical Rough-Ins

rough insWhen the house is dried in and properly protected from the elements, the plumbing, electrical, heating, and ventilation systems are installed. Beachy Construction recommends many options for these systems that offer improved performance, better warranties, and lower utility bills.


5. Exterior Finishes

exterior finishThis stage finishes the outside of the home with shingles, siding, and decks. From the outside, at least, your home looks almost done. When selecting your facade and roof covering, consider the mainten-ance costs and requirements, and how long the product will last. Remember that the cheapest product will not necessarily be the least expensive long term.


6. Insulation

insulationThis step ensures your home will stay comfortable in even the most extreme temperatures. Blown-in fiberglass insulation is added to the exterior walls, select interior walls, and the ceiling. This quality insulation material can make a big difference in energy efficiency toward a 5-star plus energy rating and the comfort of living spaces.


7. Interior Finishes

interior finishOnce everything behind the walls is completed, the drywall is installed and the rooms are painted. Next the cabinets, trim, fixtures, and flooring can be installed. There are so many design decisions implemented here that need to be considered early on in the building phase to ensure a cohesive and beautifully satisfying end product.


8. Final Walk-Through

final walk throughA final walk-through before the closing of your house project is the time to ensure that everything is completed to your liking. If you see any problems that need to be addressed or questions in how your home operates, please ask. We offer a full one-year call back.